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Welcome to LifeMistUSA, your source for the finest home and small business water distillation and whole home water treatment systems.  For over 17 years James & Frankie Fiedler have been recognized experts in the water distilling industry.  They are passionate and committed to educating others on the remarkable health benefits of drinking steam distilled water and helping consumers and businesses chose the correct water distilling system for their specific situation.  

We make it so easy to own your own pure health enhancing water, for just pennies per gallon.
If you are you concerned about Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Obesity, Diabetes you must discover the power of water.

These are just a few of the areas where drinking pure, steam distilled water brings enhanced health.  Discover for yourself the GOLD STANDARD for DRINKING WATER.  You and your family deserve the best, we make it easy to bring this amazing health transforming water to your fingertips.  Never chase water again.  

  • Recommended by Doctors, Scientists, Health Researchers, Professionals, Teachers, Engineers, Athletes
  • Advanced Distillation Process gives you total peace of mind  
  • Water Purity Guaranteed
  • Tastes Great!  Fresh, Pure, CLEAN
  • Costs Just Pennies Per Gallon
  • Endless Supply - produces up to 12 Gallons Per Day!
  • Locally Owned and Backed by a 30 year history of Superior Quality
  • Small compact, moves with you
  • Sophisticated System - Fully Automated, even delivers pure water to the sink & fridge
  • Enjoy Pure Gourmet Ice
  • Never a Costly, Messy Filthy Filter!
  • Uses include all drinking, cooking, babies needs, formulas, juice mixes, soups, cleaning supplies, horticulture, pharmaceutical, dentistry, research, science applications, aquarium, pets.

Please contact us with any sales or service questions you have about water distillers for your home or office.  We Sell and Service both the LifeMist and Precision line of high quality water distillation systems for all your Life Support and pure water needs. 

Our Service Center provides quick expert service, parts, diagnosis, and assistance should your distiller require service.  Our LifeMist and Precision line are of the highest quality, properly maintained will extend the life of these distillers for decades.  Routine maintenance is simple, easy and quick.

Worried about what you are showering in?  Want to be sure your organic garden is being watered with chlorine-free healthy water?  Our City Water and Well Water Solutions provide superior treatment throughout the house. We also provide whole home systems for your Working Water needs, controlling exposure to chlorines, fluorides, and other contaminants that wreck havoc in areas like the shower, bath, laundry.

ACT TODAY!  See, Taste and LIVE the Difference of 
Pure, Clean, Fresh Healthy Water!

Your Health depends upon it.  You really don't know day to day what's lurking in your water. Toxins, chemicals, drugs, bacteria - don't risk your LIFE SUPPORT water to a filer or buying bottled waters, neither guarantee purity.   Every Sip Counts.


Watch this short educational video from WAKEUP!
Why Drink Distilled Water?
You will NEVER Look At Water The Same Way Again!

FACTOID:  Did you know most toxins/contaminants found in everyday tap and well water, the real nasty stuff like 
E-COLI have no smell, you cannot taste them and you can't see them.